Student Explorer Expeditions

Exploring the STEM+ world outside of the school/program walls is the focus of the Student STEM+ Expedition. Students work with a local industry or universities to investigate real-world and relevant STEM+ projects in their community. From caving to behind the scenes at airports to exploring ecosystems, students engage in an authentic STEM+ experience.

Captain Irving Visits Your Site

Captain Irving visits students across the nation. He aims to inspire students to achieve their dreams by sharing his story of success in the STEM+ field. He also recounts the expeditions that he has completed and provides students with behind the scenes information about his excursions. Captain Irving's site visits motivate students to Dream, Live, and Fly!

Engage in Flying Classroom

Flying Classroom is a digital PK-12 grade STEM+ curriculum based on the global expeditions of Captain Barrington Irving. The Flying Classroom curriculum is full of academically rich, relevant, and rigorous learning activities aligned to STEM+. Students need to see the world to see their future.

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About Us

The Flying Classroom is a supplemental PK-12, digital STEM+ curriculum aligned to national/state standards and based on the global expeditions of Captain Irving.

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