Our Expedition Lessons

Silfra Fissure: Between Two Continents


Dive between two continental shelves to learn about tectonic plates and land formations.

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital: Patient Surgery


Travel to Kingston, Jamaica, to train doctors on advanced technology within the field of biomedical engineering while aboard a plane that serves as a hospital and training center.

Halo Jump


Watch Captain Irving jump out of a plane at 30,000 feet, free falling at 250 mph, and battling extreme temperatures in this investigation of the atmosphere and gravity.

Participate in over 55 Expeditions, conducted on 6 continents, with over 200 STEM+ Professionals.

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Content Connections

STEM+ represents Flying Classroom’s integrative approach to STEM learning. The program includes connections to the four core areas of STEM, PLUS the arts, social studies, literacy, geography, and career & technical education. Flying Classroom explores the world by investigating STEM+ phenomena through the global expeditions of Captain Barrington Irving.

Our Videos

Silfra Fissure: Between Two Continent
Captain Irving's Flight with the Blue Angels
Orbis Flying Eye Hospital
Bionic Chef
Jellyfish Lake
Honey Bees: Need for Pollination

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The Flying Classroom is a supplemental PK-12, digital STEM+ curriculum aligned to national/state standards and based on the global expeditions of Captain Irving.

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