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Leadership Expeditions
In School Coaching
Ever wanted to experience firsthand real-world STEM+? Leadership Expeditions take teachers and educational leaders to destinations near and far to experience immersive professional learning. From exploring caves to sky diving to investigating ecosystems, this unique professional development experience promotes hands-on STEM+ knowledge.

STEM+ Professional Learning Pathway

Designing a path to success led by STEM experts is the focus of the STEM+ professional learning pathway. From discussions surrounding the basic understandings of STEM+ to identifying opportunities and weaknesses to implementation, the professional learning pathway supports organizations with STEM+ from start to finish.

Topics include:

  • Understanding STEM+
  • Monitoring Student Success During STEM+ Instruction
  • Student Assessments and STEM+
  • Differentiation in the STEM+ Classroom
  • SWOT and STEM+
  • Integrative Teaching and Learning
  • Effectively Navigating the Engineering Design Process
  • Managing Student Groups in the STEM Classroom

On-Demand Coaching

Flying Classroom will help you implement STEM+, monitor teacher progress, provide coaching and modeling of how to teach STEM+, enhance existing curriculum, and be more effective overall. We provide professional development for division leaders and individual teachers.

Expedition Experiences for Teachers & School Leaders

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About Us

The Flying Classroom is a supplemental PK-12, digital STEM+ curriculum aligned to national/state standards and based on the global expeditions of Captain Irving.

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